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I did NOT drink and drive! (6)
Special Holiday treat for the gun fondlers (2)
WH issues orders to the borderentroopen to shoot the brown people (6)
Trump authorized lethal force ( 2 3 ) (59)
American Team beats China to win First Place in the Math Olympics! (1)
A despondent Jeff Sessions attempted suicide via the Marijuanas, late this afternoon (1)
Werewolves of Portland (1)
Megyn Kelly starring in latest reboot of 'Das Boot' (15)
Listen up, if you guys are going to race around crashing in your cars, can you at least do it in a tasteful artistic manner? (1)
In flight groper: "Trump sed is was cool to grab the wimmins" (1)
That nutty Trump, he'll do anything for a laff! (5)
Study shows woman who are not young and attractive can't be raped </sarcasm alert> (2)
Alert: Baphomet yoga with wine happening in Hillsboro this week (2)
Girls ruin everything (6)
Don't worry about Kavanaugh, he's going to be just fine (4)
Bill Cosby to go buh bye for 3-10 (9)
Why did Trump let this deranged psychopathic illegal alien Messican freely roam are streets killing Mericans? (2)
TBH, I've had my doubts about the F35 Fighter program, the costs, the delays the bugs etc, but if it's it's invisible, I'm in! (5)
Was that wrong of me to steal the Ambulance, while you guys did CPR on that old lady? (2)
U S Border Patrol Agent has an interesting hobby (2)
When you're at the Beach watching the waves, pay fckng attention! (7)
Anyone seen Rancid recently? (7)
The Taliban enact sharia law in Oregon, no really (8)
This is fine (4)
Professoring while Republican (2)
The China People fire on the US Navy #winning (6)
'You can't arrest me for a DUI, cuz Ima pretty white girl!' (11)
Any of y'all catch the new Infowars reboot? (2)
I'd like to welcome the newest member (so to speak) to the Community of Nations, Fapistan, give 'em a hand! (3)