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Isn't this assault by the police? (18)
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Man shoots self in groin to show off for his Bro (1)
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Oregon senator who stopped climate change vote loses home to wildfire ( 2 ) (23)
Come on people, if you see something say something, we're all in this together! (5)
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My Life Splattered (3)
Beirut done blowed up real good! (5)
My fellow Americans, I come to you this evening with a heavy heart...yadda yadda yadda (1)
The United States Economy, now with 32.9% Fewer GDP's! (6)
Federation Storm Troopers Evacuating Portland, (4)
Possible Farmer sighting (2)
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Statue in Slovenia honoring the First Ex Hooker damaged in arson fire (5)
Antifa Are Terrorists (14)
Help us make your pubic areas safe (4)
This is a robbery don't nobody move, or I'll execute every mthrfckng one of give me 50 Cents for a Big Gulp! (1)
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, Well the landslide will bring it down (4)
Universities are just for Communiss Anti Merican Brain Washing. Race me to the bottom! (2)
The president is playing a fun game where you name your favorite TV show in all caps with an exclamation point! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! (8)
Oh, I know why Wabbit and Oak aren't around, the revolution has begun in sunny San Jose (7)
Wikibuy (1)
"It was my understanding that there would be no math" (4)
The Battle of Los Angeles begins (2)
You don't take a knife to a chainsaw fight! (2)
You Sinners best be repenting your sins and sich, for Chris is risen! (2)
Millions of elderly volunteer to die, to save the Trump Economy According to Fox News (3)