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US Paralympics Team Refuses to Stand during Anthem, tweet storm to ensue shortly (3)
There are warm rings around uranus (2)
Todays household Tip, Kinkajous aka Honey Bears, make awful house guests (1)
Be safe out there (8)
Pew pew pew Philadelphia! (8)
So it turns out that Brazilian Trump is a wacky tree hugging libtard! (7)
Newly uncovered evidence shows that Hillary Shot Lincoln (1)
Trumptards crash City Hall, laughing #greenshirtguy goes viral (3)
Well this doesn't bode well (4)
I rode on a train once (4)
Army PFC Glendon Oakley Jr, hero (6)
74 years young, then the Jeep breaks down and your in the bumfuque outback of Oregon (4)
"I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." (3)
Hey how 'about that clean coal tho? (3)
"If you must know, I posted this because the headline was simply marvelous!" (5)
Global warming is a hokes, and in other news the polar ice caps are on fire (1)
Oregon is the best Country in America! (2)
First they punched the Nazi's, and I said nothing, then they started punching Mickey Mouse and I was the happiest guy on earth (1)
Storm our shelter (1)
At least Florida Man had the basic human decency to cover his nipples (5)
In a Poll of people in 41 Countries, Michele Obama is the "most admired" woman in the world (1)
BD6, you prayed long and hard, and God listened (2)
Assert Heterosexual hegenomy with lots of glitter! (1)
Road Raging a la Blackface (2)
Why is this still a thing? (1)
Praise be to Jesus that this sweet innocent young baby wasn't aborted (2)
I saved 1000 refugee lives, and all I got for it was the threat of 20 years in prison (3)
"We Make Children Disappear" ICE (5)
"I like Machetes" (9)