Boro - Mission accomplished - now they are just like us (1)
Thomas never heard of Fox News (1)
That org that TRUMP is CinC of, is asking our allies for damage control after TRUMP's disastrous visit (4)
I want one of these (1)
So Much Hate Speech (8)
Better Ingredients, Better Pizza and Fewer Ni%%ers, Papa John's (12)
Potatohenge (4)
Oh NOs - where will Boro go if this happens (6)
I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London (2)
Emmy nominations are out for all the Netflix and chill folks (3)
Wet noodle (10)
I could really go fer (3)
This should make a ton of money (2)
Donald Trump puts an hysterical 1 year old on the stand in court, (5)
I don't like her a lot - from Reuters (1)
4 acre ER (5)
She was bitching about changing well filters (14)
Hasbara is dead (2)
Dinesh D'Souza, who was pardoned by Trump, retweets messages with #burntheJews (3)
Trump Evangelical Adviser: Unlike Illegal Immigrants, Jesus Didn't Break Laws! (8)
If this maggot can run for the senate & have penny come to bat for him (2)
Old school denim (2)
From todays every sperm is sacred file (4)
Crude down over 3 bucks (1)
Meat eaters have a guilty conscious that's why they hate on vegans (18)
Cheets wants Afghanistan re-evaluated (4)
He sleeps like this all night at my head and I get about 3 inches of room (4)
Nightshades: Sensitivity or allergy (1)
The US Embassy in London is advising Americans to hide while Trump is in Country (2)
He pardoned those ranchers that took over the national park building (7)