I saw lizzie in dover yesterday (1)
Hey Boro - the new US lacky sez he may give the OK (3)
My niece had her paper and crayons out and was making a board game this morning (3)
New additon was almost extinct (1)
We need a fucking wall (1)
Pope is sucking muzzie dick (1)
Lindsey Buckingham, open heart surgery damaged his vocal cords (3)
Why women love fat guys (1)
Suzi Collins gets it up the rectum (5)
Dingell dingels cheeto - classic (1)
3 minute game - took 14 seconds (5)
Cheets has a BMI of 29 - I cud bench press 875 (4)
IE - it sucked from day one - who wud use it (4)
Trump supporter attacks Obama in store window (6)
What I learnt today (2)
WTF - city gives steel co 47 million so they can have less jobs - winning (5)
LMAO at google - screws up fiber (1)
Oh Nos (8)
Boro - rock painting is on hold - bigger things are in the wind (8)
Xi knows cheets is like a wounded water buffalo needing to be put down (4)
If you're a music fan this is certainly great news (3)
Heroin in puppies (2)
Track Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster in Space! (1)
This guy is more obnoxious then cheeto if that is even possible (2)
If ya wanna nail the person 3 seats up and 1 over just give them yer napkin (1)
If BD6 were a granddad (10)
Parkland...this is a tough story to read (2)
Visual migraine on the way - at least I ain't driving (13)
I guess ya'll got yer stupid asses watching that ( 2 ) (21)
Jerkoff lifers got them throwing weights instead of learning to fight (1)