Celebrity Death Watch

Dick's little bro joins the club (1)
2017 - Mindless Killing Machine ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) (143)
(Dick Van Dyke theme song:) Da da DA da da da Da da, da DA da, da DA da, da DA da da da Da da da da DAH... You're Dead! (3)
Luke: I'll be careful. Me: You'll be Dead! (1)
Shake it off Taylor Swift and RIP (3)
Keith Partridge, tell Reuben to drive that bus in here (3)
Charles Manson (18)
Get in here, John Hillerman...Selleck won't have you hassling him anymore (1)
Another badass gone...farewell, Katie Lee (2)
Ain't it a Shame (8)
That guy from that teevee show Benson died (1)
Death is Hip (8)
Trailer Park Boys: The Funeral (5)
Hugh, You Bunny Lover You (18)
Inventor of fake news ist kaput (2)
Despite all my rage, I'm still just a fighter in a cage. The Raging Bull has left the earthly plain (2)
R.I.P., Lt. Col. Petrov... thanks for saving the world (1)
Harry Dean Stanton, you were in everything, now you're in here! (1)
Lucifer's Hammer has made Footfall, making you a Mote in God's Eye, come board your Spaceship for the King (1)
D_M We hardly knew ye, yet you were a friend to all ( 2 ) (35)
Greg Lake (1)
FUUUUUUUUCK, Walter Becker, plug in and grab a chair (5)
The Original Nutty Professor (3)
He's a Rhinestone Cowboy with Tookie now (3)
What you are witnessing is real. The participant was not an actor. He was an actual judge who presided over a California Municipal Court. He has agreed to dismiss his life and have his case settled here, in our morgue... the Celebrity Death Watch Board! (6)
So long, Anita (12)
Gojira, Nature has pointed out the folly of man, get down here! (2)
Moochie we hardly knew ye (7)
Sam, we've got a place where you can reckon with yourself (4)
Write us when you find work Priebus (11)