Celebrity Death Watch

Hey Curly Neal, Sweet Georgia Brown is callin' you down (1)
Looks like it was time to fold ‘em (5)
Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and now Lyle Waggoner (2)
Father Merrin has been cast out (2)
The Real McCoy is at peace (4)
Dyson's fear (6)
Tweety Matthews, you've pitched your last hardball, send your career down here! (13)
Out of the Actors Studio, and into the soup. Come on down, Lipton! (1)
No more Dirk Pitt/Oregon Files/Fargo Adventures (2)
Joe has Traded up (2)
Bill Britten beloved early role model and mentor to Donald J. Trump, has assumed room temperature (1)
Well, do you feel lucky Post-Punk? (1)
Pappy Boyington has gone to the Wild, Wild West (6)
Will the real Orson Bean, please come down here? (4)
Dr. Brinkman, I hope your views on the heterodox approach to Institutional Economics didn't die with you (1)
*I* am Kirk Douglas! Get on in here! (3)
Kobe Bryant has crashed the boards, for the last time (18)
Hang down your head Bob Shane, poor boy you've gone and died (2)
David Olney apologizes and lowers his head (4)
There is one God, whose name is death. And what does Betty White say to him? (9)
So the guy that made the shampoo i used when I swam, Neil Peart Plus has ceased to exist(icymi an sheeit) (3)
The Death Cab has come for Neil Innes (1)
Imus in the Mourning (2)
"This is the Imus in the Morning program, We're not happy 'till you're not happy" (1)
Be there now, Richard Alpert (5)
Larry Colburn, America Needs more Heroes like you. come on in (4)
A sad day, BD6.. Mr Odo has gone back to the big puddle of Gamma Quadrant Changelings (2)
Day-O, daylight come an i want to go home. Go on Irving you earned it (1)
Michael, "If you had just a minute to breathe and they granted you one final wish...." (2)
Where were thee, in '63? (6)