1000+ Armed Black Men to March in Tulsa, 2nite. All Amendments Matter



Say, isn’t that March in Oklahoma City, not Tulsa?


Oh is it? Oh well Trump will have p;lenty to pout about, it seems that he didn’t have one Millions fans show up, after all.


From what I’m hearing, his venue is less than half full and he cancelled his planned speech to the overflow crowd outside because there is no overflow crowd outside.


I just saw an outside shot on CNN, show that area with the staging all torn down the overflow area had several box vans loading all the over flow stuff away, along with more of Trump hopes and dreams, but at at least there was a ginormous big screen teevee for the roadies to ignore.


Portland Protests draw more people out every night. lmfao


Apparently the stable genius and his team were outsmarted by a bunch of teenagers.