131mph in a Tesla


I just wanted to go for a simple relaxed ride up the highway, he wanted to go drag racing apparently…


Is it kind of strange and amazing all that acceleration, and no roaring v8 or screaming flat 6 or no shrieking forced air injectors etc, just go fast!


it’s like a spaceship on wheels, and a smooth ride on the shitty rutty roads here…


Sounds like he wanted to excite you. rolls eyes.

Sounds like something that Boro would do.:rofl:


Back in my 20’s I had a Lincoln Town Coupe (A 2 door town car) almost every time I’d be on the freeway some old codger in a Cadi or Buick or whatev. would try to race me on the interstate. Boys and their toys.


:rofl: I was thinking something similar, maturity would have been more impressive lol