15 Minutes ago on the Oregon Coast




Where are you at, again?


I’m now inland, this was shot by a friend in Yachats on the Central Coast, which is just a couple miles from where I used to live.


Aaayezzzzz. I took some nice ones on a trip thru Rockaway Beach that one time. Lovely locale, the Oregon coast


^^^ here 'tis… someone’s dog found himself a new favorite stick



That’s 2-3 hours driving north of Yachats.


Yeah, right near Tillamook. Rockaway town had a Tillamook ice cream shoppe, damn that was some good stuff.


Did you say once you’re able to find some Tillamook products in your area?


Oh yeah, we’ve been getting Tillamook cheese for decades, and a couple of years ago we’re getting ice cream too. My FIL likes their mudslide. 2-lb bricks of Monterey Jack and Sharp Cheddar are considered staples in our house. I’ve seen yogurt too, but it’s too sugared up for me.


Tillamook cheese and icecream is SO good!

Another Oregon goodie we actually get up here is Don Pancho chips and tortillas. No Tillamook though.


My mother used to buy Tillamook cheese all the time. I’m lactose intolerant, so haven’t had the pleasure…


Great shots!

With some of the digital cameras you can create a seamless stitch of several shots and produce a super wide angle shot. Just sayin’


That sounds kind of illiberal to me.:smile:

Can you eat hard cheese?


I am intolerant of all cheese. Illiberal as that may be.


I don’t even know what lactose intolerant means, do you get an allergic reaction, like hives, or do you get nauseous?


I get infections. Serious sinus and chest infections. I’m not actually lactose intolerant. It’s just easier to say that. I have an immune system problem that makes me susceptible to infection form bacteria that most people can tolerate and digest properly. The bacteria in all kinds of cheeses and dairy makes me sick.


I’m surprised theirs any bacteria left in dairy after all the antibiotics your cows get injected with.


Antibiotics have made the bacteria stronger, more profligate, and more devious.