1881, you never told us you have a son out in California!


Read the article. The kid is a damn racist. That’s why he went to a 1904 book about kafirs and got his results from a small sampling of people who did online bs.

There is nothing appropriate about what he did. NOTHING.


I did read the article.

The KID did a science experiment. People freaked the fuck out because it’s a socially touchy subject.

What was learned? Don’t rock the boat. Keep your mouth shut about racial issues. Don’t follow your curiousity. Etc.

It’s honestly the response that’s worrisome.


You know what the real problem is - anything that suggests inequality between races/sub-races is racist and totally not cool at all.
Personally I’m just thankful that not being able to run the 40 in a fast time isn’t a criteria for non-selection in the NFL draft. I’d hate to have to think through how to run the distance in under 5 seconds.


No. I completely disagree. His premise was flawed and his teacher should have guided him toward posing the hypothesis is a more scientifically grounded fashion. But what do I know. I’m just a shitty teacher.


What if the kid wanted to do a project extolling the virtues of rape?


I won’t disagree with you that there was a teaching failing in all of this but like I said, teachers pawn science projects off on kids to do at home, on their own time, or just to torture parents with in general.

Either way, as a teacher, in your professional and learned opinion, if this kid isn’t a rampant racist as you suggest, what do you think he will take away from this scientific experience other than what I’ve outlined? Do you think in the media and through social comment is the way to handle the mistakes some kid made on a fucking science project?


I would LOVE if kids looked up the virtues of rape. They won’t find any but I sure do want them finding that out in any way possible.


No good teacher would just let a student do whatever s/he wants without performing any teacherly duties whatsoever.


[deleted since it was already discussed]


Again, I agree there is a shitty teacher behind this. It looks like a shitty school too.


As a Jewish Eurasian I guarantee I have the biglyest IQ of all.