2017 - Mindless Killing Machine





Did Fats go unreported? My bad, if so.


No - but not here.


Must have been the impending end of BilldoWorld that unhinged my mind.


That’s a perfectly serviceable excuse. Yes.




If by “here” you mean the Death Watch subboard that you claim you don’t deal with but still seem to deal with a lot, here it is:


By here I meant this thread. I remembered your thread but wasn’t posting at the time.
This is a single thread which anyone can post in and which can incorporate all the notable deaths to any extent the members wish.
PS: and which should have been left on the main board where it originated.


This only makes sense if one speaks it from only one side of one’s mouth…just sayin.

You probably have noticed that it is still displayed among recent posts due to the advanced technology of letterpress forums. In fact, distinctions among subfora are not as significant as in earlier forum software approaches.

Moreover, and IIRC, one can always pin important topics for themselves anytime one likes.


It makes one wonder why anyone would have chosen to move it to a sub-board to begin with. I suppose when there’s buttons to be clicked, temptations can are hard to resist.


There is no doubt in my mind as to why it was re-labeled. “Moved” is kind of an archaic word, as I’ve pointed out before.

But look, if you were to message me with an argument about why you believe it was better situated in the gen for, rather than throwing yet another public tantrum because you still don’t appreciate getting to poast on forums for free…who knows what might have happened.


That’s nice.


Katie Lee - 98 YoA


Thx 4 dbl post.


A whole subboard is too big for Doc to figure out, he needs things nice and tidy in one spot.



Liz Smith - 94 YoA



I wonder how many times she covered for sexual abusers and harassers.


Malcolm Young - 64 YoA

(Includes 89 stars we’ve lost to Mindless Killing Machine 2017 slideshow)


I’m not picturing him jamming on the other side with Zappa or Segovia or any of the hep cats.