2017 - Mindless Killing Machine


Simeon Booker - 99 YoA


Mayor Ed Lee - 65 YoA



She also propelled Arne Jacobsen’s Model 3107 chair into prominence (although the actual chair in which she displayed herself in the Morley portrait was a knock-off.) The portrait chair has survived her, and now resides in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Her friend Mandy Rice-Davies, though a bit younger, unfortunately passed on three years ago this month.

One recalls being in the college folk music scene and writing a ballad about those two women and their pimp, Steven Ward. Unfortunately, no recordings exist.


I didn’t even know who the SF mayor was. I do not pay much attention to my former home town now that it’s become a tech industry holding.


Dan Johnson - 57 YoA



Dick Enberg - 82 YoA



Keely Smith - 89 YoA


Bruce McCandless - 80 YoA


A personal hero of mine…



Bob Givens - 99 YoA


You would think in reading a thread like this that Death has really been on the job - but actually is had been slacking horribly, and to our detriment.


…though historically it has hit the mark more often than not.


Heather Menzies-Urich - 68 YoA



Rose Marie - 94 YoA


Good thing 2017 is almost over - no telling who would wind up dead.




Donald Weiser - 89 YoA


Never heard of him or it ^^^^^^


Erica Garner - 27 YoA



He says he never heard of you either.


Especially not under the nom de plume, Lotus_Bud.