A few new images






Checkin out your site, nice pics.


Nice shots! Why is it called a red bellied woodpecker? I had one on my deck the other day, it was the one with the most red on it’s head.


Great pics, how far away were you from the birds?


I have no idea


The Blue Jay about 50 feet the Woodpeckers about 30


They’re amazing…it was like you were inches away… :smiley:


500mm lens

I have 2 one is a tube type and the other uses a mirror


Those are cool. Are you making any money selling your pictures?


I took this the other day - masterful control of yer lighting and sich


Are you a hoarder?


I make more with the limited market at the Farmers Market than I do with the world wide market of the innerwebs which I find disgusting since I have spent so much on advertising on it.


Okay dude I did a little research and it seems the female has a splotch of red on their bellies


Interesting. The female seems to have less red on her hear as well.

I have one in my area which has been hollowing out diseased trees. I will see if I can get some food to attract it.


I would back off about 1 zone overall. :smirk_cat:


Here is some red bellied cardboard



Rule #1 to making money on the internet, don’t buy anything, except maybe some web hosting.