A Magnolia in front of the Woolworth building


From City Hall Park, taken by MrsRabbit


Who knew there was that much Money to be made in not letting Negroes eat at yer Lunch Counters.

Oh yeah, Nice pic! That angle, make the building look foreboding. Like where you expect Batman’s nemesis to have an office in.


Interesting side note, Mr Woolworth did NOT want a Woolworth’s store inside his building (there were other stores) as he felt it would bring down the dee-luxeness of his establishment.


That is interesting.


That must be from when you kids were back there a few weeks ago?




Is that a Magnolia? It looks like a Jacarnada?


You say Jacaranda, I say Magnolia, Let’s call the whole thing off!


Does Woolworth’s still exist?


Yes, as Foot Locker.

I kid you not.


Wow. How sad is that?

I am reading an English novel right now – Life After Life – and in it she references Woolworth’s in London in the 1930s. I didn’t know they had them in London, too.