A sad day in America


It’s a sad day in America and perhaps for the entire world.

Trump’s defenders love to argue that our founding fathers were afraid of impeachment and that a future Congress would abuse it in a partisan manner. They’re right. This was partisan as every single Republican in Congress voted against it and now the Republican majority in the United States Senate is about to give Donald Trump unchecked powers. Yes, our founding fathers were afraid of the impeachment clause being abused, but they still included it in the Constitution. Why? Because the one thing scarier than impeachment is a president with unlimited powers free to rule as an authoritarian.

Alan Dershowitz argued before the Senate that a president could engage in a quid pro quo for personal political benefit as long as the president believes his or her reelection is in the public interest. According to that belief, Donald Trump can steal an election if he believes he’s the chosen one and being president is in our national interest. Maybe he can just call off the election and imprison everyone who complains as he can rule that’s in the national interest. According to Dershowitz’s argument, Trump can ignore the other two branches. According to Dershowitz’s argument that Republicans are buying, if the president deems it in the national interest, he can lie to a grand jury about receiving oral sex from an intern in the White House and it’s not impeachable.

And here’s the thing, kids. They didn’t just rule that a president can do whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants, to whomever the hell he wants as long as he deems it’s in the national interest. No. They gave that power to the dumbest, most racist, most vile, most despicable and disgusting fuck ever to occupy the Oval Office. They gave it to a guy who was supported by Russia to steal the White House. They just gave it to a guy who was caught trying to steal the next election.

Democrats argue that since Republicans gave Trump this power, that a future Democratic president will have that power too. That’s not how Republicans see it because if they’re allowed to steal elections, then there won’t be another Democratic president. Look at the courts. Even though the nation is becoming more and more progressive, our courts will be controlled by conservatives for at least the next century. Mitch McConnell’s legacy will be crapping on us for decades. Look at the Senate. More Americans vote for Democratic candidates to fill the Senate, yet it’s controlled by Republicans.

Retiring Republican Senator Lamar Alexander has decided to vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial, which means the trial is probably over and the next step will be Donald Trump’s acquittal. But trust me, not having witnesses means he’ll never be exonerated.

Alexander said, “There is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven and that does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense.”

He also said it was “inappropriate for the president to ask a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent and to withhold United States aid to encourage that investigation” but, “The Constitution does not give the Senate the power to remove the president from office and ban him from this year’s ballot simply for actions that are inappropriate.”

It’s illegal to ask a foreign country for help in your political campaign. Donald Trump didn’t go through the proper channels for an investigation into an American citizen. Donald Trump demanded a quid pro quo in his dealings with Ukraine. He withheld taxpayer-funded military aid to an ally at war with one of our enemies in exchange for an attack on a political opponent. He used taxpayer money to bribe. And none of this is impeachable? He’s guilty but it’s not impeachable?

If what Trump did isn’t impeachable, then what is? So far, asking Russia to help your campaign isn’t impeachable. Having Russians in your campaign headquarters to provide dirt isn’t impeachable. Violating emoluments and collecting payments from foreign nations isn’t impeachable. We already knew being a racist dividing the nation and defending Nazis isn’t impeachable. And now, bribery and extortion aren’t impeachable. During the 2016 campaign, Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any supporters. According to the Senate, he wouldn’t go to jail either. At what point does Donald Trump invite his political opponents to 5th Avenue?

It’s a sad day for America because the cowards in the United States Senate has ruled that there is no longer a need for an America.

~Clay Jones




I just don’t have the words for how disheart…no, depressing this has been. The Constitution means nothing to those in power at the moment. But, I think we knew that.

What can we do?




Yep. it means nothing for EVERYONE in power.


Anarchy is the only solution left. The orange turd is never leaving office - not even after the end of the rigged 2nd term he’s gonna be given.

And if not Anarchy the blue states should seriously lobby and negotiate secession.


The plus side is, most blue states are on the coast. We control the seas.
Total domination!



As suspected, the Senate just said “We don’t need no stinkin’ Witnesses!”




Hope he keeps up the healthy diet and no exercise…


See ya’ll on the cattle cars…


Note to self, carry a shit bucket with you at all times, just in case.


That lousy diet of his is the only way he’ll leave office, cause it’ll end up causing him to have a massive coronary.



If there’s one point where you give up, it’s after you learn that no matter how much you fight, you’re going to lose. That’s the danger of this time.

The United States Senate is saying Trump is guilty. The House Managers proved their case. But none of it matters because they like Trump’s policies or the fact he gives them conservative judges. They’ve given us the same answer over the past three years as to why they accept his behavior, racism, sexism, stupidity, vile ugliness and failure as a decent human being.

If the Senate allows Trump to cheat in an election, does that mean we should just give up on there being a fair one in 2020? Are the results already in? Is the election just an empty practice like they are in autocratic states like Russia or the ones Saddam Hussein ran in Iraq?

The Senate has proven that they’ll not only allow Trump to rape us, that they’ll bend over for him too.

Part of Trump’s strategy is to keep going until we give up. He’s like a three-year-old jumping on your couch. You give up trying to stop the child and accept you’ll eventually have to buy a new couch. You’ve given up on the couch. But I’m not. I’m not buying a new couch. You shouldn’t either. Disclaimer: I did give up on a couch once when I had 11 puppies. But they were cute. Donald Trump, not so much.

Now, if Donald Trump gets serviced by an intern in the Oval Office and then lies about it before a grand jury, what would the Senate say? What if he wouldn’t even admit he did anything wrong and that he’d do it again? The Senate would make frowny faces and say something about his policies being good and yay conservative judges and some other claptrap bullshit like that.

But Donald Trump doesn’t need an intern to do that because yesterday, 51 Republicans in the United States Senate did it for him.

~Clay Jones


Not Texas!


Oh, Trump is getting paid, just not by Americans.



n 1950, as the Republican Party was abandoning what made it the party of Lincoln and well on its way to becoming the party of Nazis, Klansmen, Putin-lovers, and conspiracy-driven fucknuts, Joseph McCarthy, a Senator from Wisconson was in the midst of his red scare campaign. McCarthy was accusing Americans, usually without evidence, of being communist. He worked to smear and ruin careers, often succeeding. He even claimed, without evidence, that our government was filled with communists. He said the State Department alone had 205 members of the Communist Party, which was probably a number he pulled out of his ass.

The Republican Party was full of cowards. They were afraid if they criticized McCarthy, that he’d accuse them too of being communist. Even the president, Dwight Eisenhower, was a coward to McCarthy. He only criticized the Senator privately.

Only one Republican Senator stood up to McCarthy. Margaret Chase Smith was the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress. As a Senator from Maine, she faced scorn and threats from within her own party for speaking her mind and standing up against McCarthy.

In opposing McCarthy, Smith said, “It is high time we stopped thinking politically as Republicans and Democrats about elections and started thinking patriotically as Americans about national security based on individual freedom.”

McCarthy was finally brought down in 1954 over a different scandal after the Senate voted 67-22 to censure him. During the hearings, Army Counsel Joseph Welch famously asked McCarthy, “At long last, have you no decency, sir?” Today’s Republicans, have zero.

Margaret Chase Smith was initially on McCarthy’s side even introducing a very unconstitutional bill to outlaw the Communist Party, three years after speaking out against McCarthy. But she’s not remembered for that. What will each of today’s Republicans be remembered for? Not for bravery or putting their country before their party.

Now is a time when one Republican could stand up and cement their place in history. Make no mistake about it, history is not going to be kind to Trump or those who became sycophants to him. Trump will be regarded by historians as the very worst president. Except for Richard Nixon, even our bad presidents have short paragraphs in history books. But even Nixon has positives brought up. Trump won’t have any. History will not praise him for inheriting a strong economy.

You would think at least one Republican in the United States Senate would want to be remembered for being heroic. That at least one would be able to face scorn and mean tweets. That at least one Republican would be willing to lose their seat for standing up for the United States. Nope.

While two Republicans did vote for witnesses, don’t kid yourself. There’s no bravery just because they want to hear more evidence. That’s not voting to impeach Donald Trump. In fact, a few Republicans even said they think Trump is guilty, but they still refuse to oust him or even hear evidence that he did something wrong, even when they say they know he’s wrong. What a bunch of sniveling cowards, like Ted Cruz, a sniveling coward himself once said of Donald Trump.

Cory Gardner is a Republican from Colorado, a state with the most opposition to Trump that has a Republican in the Senate. He’s more afraid of Trump and his party than of voters in his state. He couldn’t even hear one witness in the Senate trial.

Marco Rubio said he assumes all the allegations are true, so he doesn’t need to hear more witnesses and says he’ll vote to acquit as removing Trump would inflict “extraordinary trauma” on our nation and help Vladimir Putin. Never mind the fact it’s Putin who helped put Trump in the White House. If the allegations are true, that Donald Trump abused his office and tried to bribe a foreign president, then doesn’t it inflict “extraordinary trama” by allowing him to remain? Good job defending America, Little Marco. Is it OK if I call you “Little Marco?” It must be since Trump gave him that nickname and now Marco is kissing his ass.

Retiring Senator Lamar Alexander could have gone down in history fighting the good fight. Instead, he caved. He said Trump is guilty but what the House charged “does not meet the United States Constitution’s high bar for an impeachable offense.” If bribery doesn’t amount to an impeachable offense, then what does? Alexander says the voters need to make the decision on removing Trump, despite the fact Trump has already cheated in this election. For what it’s worth, Lamar says he’ll be voting for Trump in 2020. Coward.

Ben Sasse of Nebraska wrote a book called the “Vanishing American Adult” and is considered to be one in the Senate. He said, “Let me be clear; Lamar speaks for lots and lots of us.” CNN’s Manu Raju (the reporter one Republican Senator called a “partisan hack”) asked Sasse directly, “if he believes then that Trump acted inappropriately,” which is what Alexander said of Trump. Sasse, refused to be an adult or brave enough to actually say the word “inappropriate” himself. He refused to answer the question. Sasse is another coward for the history books.

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski claimed she voted against witnesses to avoid a tie vote in the Senate and to bravely protect Chief Justice John Roberts from breaking the tie. Murkowski successfully framed herself as just another Republican coward.

If President Barack Obama refused to give the House any documents and even told Hillary Clinton not to testify during their multiple Benghazi investigations, do you honestly believe that not one of these Senate Republicans would have been calling for his impeachment…or voting that way if there was a trial? This isn’t about the presidency, Constitution, or what impeachable or not. It’s about 53 United States Senators being coward, lackeys, lickspittles, and asskissers. It’s about 53 United States Senators putting a cult of rancid personality over the oath they took to protect this nation from a person just like Donald Trump.

The founding fathers didn’t put clauses in the Constitution to protect someone like Donald Trump. They put those clauses in to protect our nation from the likes of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a vile, disgusting human being. You shouldn’t want him in your house, less enough the White House. In allowing, excusing, ignoring, and even defending his lack of decency, the Republican Party has abandoned theirs. History won’t remember any of them as heroes because there aren’t any. But history will list each and every one of them for the cowards they are.

At long last, have you no decency, Republican Party?

~Clay Jones



What Jones said.


Texas is on the brink of going blue…