A solution to the witless fool shortage


Dept store dummies -


Can they paint rocks?

Unless you are suggesting the wf’s sign up as mannequins?


If you put some painted rocks around them the Iranians will get scardy cats




Those British dudes look awfully fake.


I’m all for fighting Iran… atleast that one is warranted. Venezuela can solve itself, but we already know the CIA has been there for decades.

I just hope we don’t get a draft.


How the fuck is it warranted - we fucked them 7 ways to sunday the last 70 years

I hope they get fuking nucs -

Fucking place used to be cool till we fucked with it


Um, idk, harboring terrorist? Going as after a nuclear weapon program under the guise of energy when the entire world told them to fucking stop?


So you think the USA is the World’s Hall Monitor?


The two biggest terrorist nations on earth - USA and the jew scum can have nukes but Iran can’t



Iran was complying. TRUMP is the one who broke that treaty.


NATO and such want us to be, and we are capable so :man_shrugging:


Trump backs out of the Treaty because he said it was the worst treaty ever, but he expected the Iranians to comply with it anyway, is he stoopit, or wut?


… so… you’re saying we should do what NATO wants to.


Kind of like when we went against NATO’s directive by breaking Iraq because they went against NATO’s directive.


Rabbit - you are not taking advantage of all the insightful/discerning observations Boro has to offer

I consider it a privilege to be privy of his vast knowledge of history and current events

You should be also

once in a lifetime opportunity


Boro would be perfect for Fox

Title: Current world hot spot discussion with Private Boro

8PM Weekdays


Private? Oh come on now, that’s just insulting.


It’s not in the best interest of the US.


Serious question here

Have you ever looked at a map of Iran and the Persian Gulf

All the fucking firepower on earth is useless if they have made even the most rudimentary prep to close the gulf