A solution to the witless fool shortage




Fucking crickets


Probably just inattention. You’ve probably “made 4” by now, but what is the correct noun of address?


didn’t he make the E5 list last spring, he must be a 5 by now, or the list is very long, which could be the case, I almost begged my recruiter to let me sign up for the SeaBees, but he was insistent on it being a bad career move, as it is very very crowded and making “rate” is very very slow, and you might spend 30 years and never make Chief (E7) Whereas, say Seals often make Chief in 10 or 12 years for example.


I got E4 in 6 months - so did everyone else

u think an E5 would be able to answer a question


In the Navy, it’s tied to your job title, and how critical upper ranks, I think about the earliest anyone in my “rate” was getting E4 was around 2 years.


I instantly became a GS-14


Good - that means you can be recalled to fight in Iran

It’s in the rules - not kidding


lol yeah right, you’ll be able to find me in Napa sippin wine and smoking weed…:rofl:


Besides they don’t want peoples like me anyways… which is another way of knowing I’m doing the right thing. :smile:


They took Boro - they will take you


I’d go to prison first before I’d go kill people for Merica…


It’s been 7 years, man… lol

Sergeant, E5.

You can’t make E4 in any less than 2 years.
E1-E4 are automatic with good weapon equals, PT tests, schooling, etc. E5+ is merit and slot based…if there’s no room for you, you aren’t making E5.


Never mind - your silence answered the question


Oh God forbid I miss a post.

Yes, I studied Iran, Naval Warfare and a proposed blockade against Kuwait, Qatar in high school.

Remember, while the Saudis are iffy, they are our friends. It wouldn’t take much to put artillery on one side and fly through the other.

We do have the power and logistics, after all.


Yes we have proven that in Iraq and Afghanistan.


With our hands tied against an ununiformed military perpetuating a COIN environment, sure.

Force on force is an easily succeeding story for us, against a barely developed nation. The only country I’d worry about is Russia.


Your Commander in Chief is now “negotiating” with the Taliban, the same guys we have been told aided and assisted the 9/11 guys. So we can declare Mission Accomplished and repurpose our boys for Iran or Venezuela, whatever.


Trump has never been the brightest.
We shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but even my smart card says we did things wrong, so…


You have crap leadership and morons manning highly technical stuff

You will get fucking run over with stoneage tactics - bookmark it