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New piece - no ground invasion




It was a little different in the sixties. E4 was pretty near automatic after 18 months (9 in grade E3) but in my division, most of us were promoted when we shipped out for Nam, I only had 4 or 5 months in grade E3 which was then a PFC. And I made 5 on my return from Nam, almost 2 years to the day after my induction date. But by MOS and slot I was SP5 even though I got impressed along with a bunch of others to work on Advanced Unit Training (Infantry) so we all went to NCO school for a week or so and got temp hard stripes,


In earlty 66 at Carson they handed out E4 like candy to everyone (at least where I was) - me at 6 months - not making that up - it did not matter if you were a fuck up or not - no nothing - just here it is


I’ve heard that in some units, specifically HQ units where it’s 95% NCO work, they’ll waive/fast track most Junior Enlisted to E4. Sounds like a similar case.


Always excuses.


Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. And why not Iran? Oh yeah, they can defend themselves.


You might remember, we absolutely obliterated Iraq as a uniformed service.


Yeah but it’s the non-unis that we can’t seem to work out. Kinda like 'Nam.


It’s hard, especially when you invade a country that allows private ownership of weapons. Determining friend from foe is a full time job.


Or ya cud stay on your own damn couch and mind yer own business

But as long as they got fucking tools like you ----


I’m down for killing terrorists, it seems you love them. So not only are you the board racist, but you’re the board terrorist coddler.


Who are the terrorists in Venezuela?


Venezuela is a civil war we should be aiding with resources, not troops. (Ignore the fact that troops are in fact a resource)


You don’t fucking get it - The USA is the biggest terrorist nation on the fucking planet - what is fucking astounding is that you are blind to all the info available to you


Well that’s where you’re wrong, bucko


So you’re saying you’re NOT blind to all the info available to you, and you do understand that the US is the biggest terrorist nation on the planet…?

And you’re proud to serve in its military?


Iran is not Sand Creek Boro