About Glocks


(repost from Quora, author James D Pate)

The upside of Glocks are clear (reliable, easy to clean, tough) so what is the downside?

The Glock is everything you’d want in a dependable firearm, reliable, easy to maintain, and tough… almost like a Toyota Camry or a Honda Civic.

The downside is that, like a Camry or a Civic, the Glock has no soul.


It just isn’t fun to shoot. It’s just average. It’s not high speed, super accurate, or just fun to shoot, but average across the board. The Glock is the pistol that you take to work, that you trust will protect you and that you know you can depend on, but when you want to have some fun on the weekends, you grab your awesome, fun Kimber 1911, or your H&K USP, or your Sig P226, or literally any other pistol besides a Glock.

Are they awesome pistols? Yes they are. If you are picking up your first pistol, I would highly recommend the Glock 17 or a Glock 19. They are simply great to learn on, and they are extremely reliable and they get the job done. Much how when people get their first car, they get a Camry or a Civic.

However, just because the Camry and the Civic are great little cars that are reliable and get the job done, do we use them all the time for everything? Absolutely not. I might want to get some more power, speed, and acceleration and hop in a Corvette. I might need something to carry 6+ people, and so I hop in an Armada or a Suburban. I might need to pull a trailer and hop in a Super Duty. Maybe I’m concerned about Global Warming and want to hop in a Prius or a Tesla. There are dozens of situations where your average car, such as a Camry or a Civic, just aren’t the car you want or need.

So, to sum it up, the downside of a Glock is that it does everything about average, and so it’s not exceptionally good at very many things, and they really aren’t that fun to shoot when compared to other pistols. However, they are still amazing pistols, at an amazing price, and are extremely reliable and tough.

But, like with a Civic and a Camry, if you get a Glock, don’t expect to be beating all the other options that were specifically designed for specific roles.