Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs



You know you’ve wanted to at some point, yes?



Well the contouring makeup tech she does there is pretty much the opposite of what you’d do if you were a guy wanting to feminize your face. :slight_smile: She makes her eyes sunken in like a mans, brings out the male forehead, gives herself high male cheekbones and squares off her face. So you’re probably right…


A viewer wanted to find know what happens when a Mentos is Dropped into a crisp refreshing India Pale Ale, so we asked our Senior Craft Beer Journalist Brad to find Out


Hey peeps, my new virtual fidget spinner, I can sit and watch it for hours.



It’s the latest red state fad, Bowling for Trumptards!


Hai Guise wanna see a trick I can do?

I meant to do that.


Dances with Squirrels


This seen destroys me every time.



The Best Basketball Skills and Conditioning Workout.



Boss: When can you start?


Actually not a GIF




She’s right you know.





I stand corrected now that I’ve seen this gif. He’s certainly the Dumpster Fire from Queens.