Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs




Yes ma’am I think I’m low on oil, could you check that out for me?


Well hello Dalai!


That fish looks like a red devil cichlid, my brother and I had one when we were kids, only fish in a 50 gallon tank, he’d kill other fish… that thing was mean as fuck… For stoner entertainment we’d put a mirror up to the tank and he’d see another male and go apeshit… looked just like this one.

Aquarists who keep cichlids regard red devils as aggressive fish. This aggressive behavior combined with their razor sharp teeth and powerful jaws means cohabitants should be chosen carefully and the fish should be kept in a large aquarium. Red devils may be so aggressive that they ram into the glass to get at invaders, break heaters and other aquarium equipment, and will sometimes bite their owners.


I should probably feel bad for chuckling at this, don’t you think?


should just fry that motherfucker

let’s see if it’s so tough with some herbs and sauce on a plate




We don’t need no stinking badges!


That’s mean and so hilarious!


Fucking Brazilians and their elevator pranks




Omg the humanity, the carnage, I can’t bear to watch a 74th iteration of this horrifying scene


@rancidmilko Didn’t you say you do the karate’s?

How does he do this?


That scene has a lot going on

What’s with the demonic figure and the stripper in the background mirror?


I knew someone who raised a baby jaguar with spoils of his butchery

He had a huge problem with IBAMA and barely escaped from jail


You won’t believe what happens next!


@rancidmilko WTF?