Addressing the lack of a thread for amusing GIFs


The brake is on - no danger

Lions and Apey need to pologize - can I get a like?


Is it at all within the realm of the universe that the brake may NOT be on, or may fail for some reason? That is a special case requiring Darwin’s Wrath.




Did ya ever take a saw apart and see how the brake works - failure is a trillion to one, and the brake in the gif is on, and the chain is not gona turn even if it starts with the brake off


Why TF would I do that

When I need shit done my tool is a phone


Then call someone and ask if the brake is on










Here’s that tutorial @Bigdukesix


don’t wear ties. study after study shows
that most men wear them too tightly,
restricting blood flow to the brain.

Kinda explains corporate America, doesn’t it?



Yeah fuck ties - I had to have one at work - fucking torture - Hated dress up so fucking much I changed into jeans in my van for the ride home





My response: fuck that shit!