Always wanted to see NYC


On the NJ train right now,

I post pics when I can



Train from Seattle???


New Jersey.

If I never joined the Army, I wouldn’t have this chance.



I never joined the army, and I got that chance.


Neither did I, but I rode on a train once.


I would’ve never done it.

Traveling is pricey… and I can’t afford it.



I got a job that allows me to be able to pay my own way for things.


cool story bro


Yeah you sold out to the man, man.


Last time i was in NYC i lost a camera, a Nikon F20G keep an eye out for it k?


I guess some would rather suck on the government teat.


Whenever I want to go to NYC I just turn off the AC and piss in a humidifier.




that’s what it feels like


I have that same pic, without the attention hoor blocking the view.


You’re losing a lot of hair fast kid.


AND grayinh :expressionless:


I’d just go cue ball if I were you.


'roids will do that a guy, sadly.


The view from the twin towers is teh awesomeness!