Always wanted to see NYC


You guys are so harsh but still hilarious haha.

I’ve always wanted to go to NYC. I say that knowing I could go at any time and don’t do I guess I don’t want to go that badly.

I would like to go to Chicago again though. We didn’t make it to Navy Pier.


NYC is fun, and the food is good. Lots of great museums too


Is Central Park “safe”? Like during the day and such?


The only time I felt unsafe in NYC, was during Taxi rides.


I went south instead of North from Penn Station… so haven’t been there

But from what I here, it’s a nice “safe” place day and night… but like anywhere there can be shitbags.


You didn’t miss much.


I was struck by the friendliness of most everyone, Ted Cruz says New Yorkers are bad people.


South St Seaport, you can take the Staten ISland Ferry for free back and forth and get a great view of the Statue of Liberty


If you eat in Times Square I will hunt you down and kill you


Eat here, good, authentic and cheap

Cuban sammich, the grilled corn and whatever it is you drank


If you want to see celebrities go sit in the bar of the Standard Grill, Fig and Olive, or go see what’s playing on Broadway with stars you like, they all come out after the show and sign some playbills


Yeah, David go find the TKTS stand and check out a Broadway show.It’s like going to a movie, but it’s real people right in front of you, sometimes close enough to grab them by the pussy!




I’ve seen enough of Times Square on TV.


Witch… you’re in NY aren’t you?


He’s just over the river in Joisey. You can probably see his place f\rom where you’re at.


It’s unfortunately really packed,

But this girl remains…
A jungle gym. smh.


Catlicks… making money as usual


Right across the river. I can see the wtc out my window