Amazon packs orders without yer workers



Half the books I’ve ordered from Amazon were mangled in the packing.

Man or machine?


Wow, I have never got a bad book from ebay or amazon - all have been in excellent condition


Well, I’ve only ever ordered two. One was mangled.

But it was a $75 book. I was pissed. Seeing as it was a book about how to let things go, I just let it go.

(Cooper’s The Complete Works of Plato)


ya cud get plato here prolly fer free

Most here read comic books


Yeah, I found it for free as an epub. Eventually.

Once read a comic book version of The Last Days of Socrates.

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were not involved.


Amazon sells books ya cud get fer free cause the copyright blowed up

althou they have free ones also

I get sci-fi stuff off guten - old - 30’s and sich


Golden Age, huh?

Not a whole lot of nanotech and cyperpunk back then.

I like my science-fiction intimate, not space-operatic.

So, what does it mean that Man will be replaced by machines at Amazon?


They’ll divert them to other areas such as truck loading, delivery, etc… but Amazon has also become a huge fan of subsidizing delivery companies to the point that they’re offering to pay $10,000 to help any current employee with and start up a delivery company.


I like short stories like this

Blurt does sound real SCI-FI

are you from our system?


I saw that. I thought it was an unusual approach


Their “slow” in the process, or I guess you can say, speedbump, is the delivery. They got sorting and warehousing down. It makes sense, especially when they’re begging for more carriers.


“Take me to your leader,” the alien said.

“On second thought, don’t,” it blurted a moment later.

On Starling’s now defunct board, you knew me as Spaceman Spiff (“Spiffy,” to some).

So yeah, I’m new to these parts. But I immigrated legally.


Hey Spaceman - good yer back


Nice to see familiar faces.

The Peach invited me a while back, but I don’t see him. Has he juiced himself? or been pureed? Regardless, he’s a sweet man no matter how you slice him.


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