American car woes


Both the Corvette and Viper have been plagued by bad luck in getting their Nurburgring times.
To sum up the Viper, they got ZERO factory support. Kumho supported them with tires, but they were than desired. They ran the car so hard one lap became one set of tires. It was a bunch of freelance dudes with Vipers, and their final time was 7:01.

Here’s an article from Jim Mero on the bad luck of the Corvette. They had no official time.


7.01 isn’t terrible.


While helping my finance buddy close out deals one evening in the Dodge store, the certified Viper guy was doing a delivery on a Yellow Viper ACR the guy buying was understandably pretty impressed with himself while Wolfman (his inhouse nic, cuz he’s very hairy) Was carefully explaining again that the Viper wasn’t a DD and and is a bit of a handful in traffic etc etc, the guy just keeps bragging about all his bad ass muscle cars and so on…about 3 months later he was back in the dealership begging the store to buy it back.


Not at all.

This is the top 8 production cars. Obviously Corvette never submitted their times per article.
Both the ZR1 and ACR are definitely 6:xx cars though.