And the circus is set on fire again


Temer was corrupt, everyone knew that, but at least he was taking Brazil out of the deep recession.

As a matter of fact, Tuesday the numbers came out, Brazil’s economy was growing again

JBS, one of Brazil’s biggest company, they deal with slaughterhouses and meat export. They became the behemoth they are today thanks to the left government of Lula and Dilma. JBS was part a huge money laundering scheme.

And the funny thing is, before doing the snitching, JBS bought hundreds of millions of dollars, knowing that their to executive telling his account would send the economy into disarray and the dollar skyrocketing.

One thing that surprises me (well, not really) is the fact that every single politician whose name appears who the scandals are instantly deemed corrupt and they want their head at the spot. Except for Lula e Dilma. They are simply “persecuted politicians” in the opinion of the commies here.

One thing I say for sure, if any of these worthless thieves gets to stay in the current politics scenario here, this country will enter civil war.


I only ever knew one politician who was straight as a pin - even his enemies did not bother trying find anything amiss


Yup. Bernie. If Hill the Shill could have found something on him, she would have gone to town. Instead, she had to lie about him and claim he had a problem with minorities.


So a person cannot change their minds?


If they commit to change…
…maybe then.


Sanders is fucking insane

Hills is a sweetheart


Booooo…BOOOOOOOO! :angry:


We have one here too.

Jair Bolsonaro

One of the very few that have shown to be smart and never appeared in any corruption scandal or “list”

He’s the favorite to be the next president elected in 2018

He has 0 political correctness and the left hates him with a passion


WTF are you talking about? The POINT is, no one has anything on him. No one. Not even you. Hillary had to blatantly lie about him. Saying he is insane is bullshit.


My apologies to Rancid for the ungracious and trollish behavior of a couple of our members who simply MUST hijack your thread to no evident purpose.


Any fucking one who ACTIVELY purses destroying wall street so that everyone get free college is insane

fuck him - he is still fucking number 1 on my obit list -

destroy the small trader under the guise of getting rid of HFT which makes liquidity - mother fucker he is

Why the fuck do you think trades execute sub second


You’re an hysteric, Six. Go breathe some ammonia.


go get some fucking common sense


That’s ok, at least they’re still talking about politics and not Harbor Freight


I find it interesting that Spoon feels the need to apologize for others when they exhibit behaviors he himself employs frequently, and without apologies.


You would love HF - I go there just to watch the folks who enter for the first to watch their eyes glaze over while they go into a kind of stupor


Never the crazy ramblings of Dilma made so much sense as now

“I think that whoever win or lose, neither those who win or lose will win or lose. Everybody will lose.”


I felt that way in the big Home Depots

those aisles, you’d look up and it was shit stacked up on top of more shit, and it was all different shit

You could find that inverted thread alley head stainless steel 4 in bolt AND the nuts for it


This is exactly what would happen if something really bad about Trump was found out and was undeniable proof.

The total meltdown of a government


Graingers makes Home Depot look like nothing

It’s business to business and they have the whole fucking catalog on site

fucking unreal