Another Beto idiocy


For being an AG you shur know a lot about gun tactics - strange

maybe yer a latent gun toter


You seem to thing AG folks are sich out of ignorance

That is a position that is, well, not paying attention to available information, as it were


You mean like one of those semi auto shotguns? Made specifically for self defense?

Yep there ya go. Called me a moron but said the most retarded thing ever.


Maybe things have changed, but when I was a kid all the hunting stories I grew up hearing, were if you need more than one shot, you’re probably doing it wrong.


I wholeheartedly agree! Not sure what hunting has to do with anything though, as the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.


So you’re saying it’s only for Militia’s? (Which don’t presently exist as viewed during the Revolutionary days.) The National Guard is about the closest we have to that. So you’re saying only weekend warriors should have guns, hmmm seems a little extreme, but I could live with that.


How about the families that get family members murdered by AR-15s?

There are more killed by AR-15’s than saved.


No, you’re retarded. Can’t a bullet coming out of a revolver kill?


Gets back to the same ol same ol - how many home invasions are undone because they know whats waiting

yer statement is debatable till the end of time


Yeah let me just cock my revolver, and I’ve been shot because the criminal has a semi automatic weapon because he doesn’t give a fuck about laws. Because he’s a criminal.

But in the effect of ballistics, you’re right- a 357 Magnum revolver is vastly more deadly than an AR15… which shows you’re just scared of the rifle because media has told you to be. Sheeple these days. Pistols amount to more deaths everyday than AR15s do.

Also if you wanna say bUT vEgAS

I highly HIGHLY doubt that was a magazine fed rifle, let alone an AR15.


Most criminals aren’t carrying AR-15’s. And if they weren’t sold in the US, they wouldn’t have access to them.

The reasons criminals have them is because they’re often stolen from legal owners when they’re burgled.

That’s the problem you all don’t see. Illegal firearms are often stolen after being purchased legally. If you fools didn’t have them, they would have less access to them as well.


So I shouldn’t have access to something because someone else might commit a crime.

What the FUCK kinda logic is that.


Jus pull the trigger - dats how mine works - double action and sich


Not all revolvers are double action.
My father has a real sweet stainless Vaquero in .45 Colt. Real ivory grips. Single actions, although it’s the smoothest revolver I’ve ever shot.


No, the logic is that if there are hundreds of millions of guns out there, then there will always be homicides committed by guns.

Take the responsibility that comes with gun ownership.


By that logic, you wouldn’t be anti gun. You’d be pro-enforcement of utilization of safes.

But here you are, an anti-constitutionalist.


No, I’m not.

I believe people are free to own shotguns, revolvers and any other firearm that is not semi-automatic.

Well-regulated is in the 2nd amendment

I believe Americans are free to bear arms as long as they’re well-regulated.


There are speed loaders for revolvers - Ask Jerry - 8 shots in one second


And has nothing to do with the TYPE of firearm.

“Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner and for whatever purpose,” Scalia wrote.
DC vs Heller

@Oak is in fact an Anti-Constitutionalist.


You don’t understand what you posted?