Another great end to day


The wife and I were walking to the apartment after ordering takeout, and she turns her ankle.

We are in the ER in Monaco getting x-rays


oic, pursuant to that other thread. I hope she is going to be ok.


Ouch. Poor thing. I hope it’s a minor sprain.


Hairline crack :frowning:


Uh-oh. They put a cast on it?


Just found out, waiting for a specialist


As I understand, I think a hairline fracture is gooder than a sprain. painwise or something, maybe.


She’s pretty good with pain, better than I am. When it gets really bad she starts laughing. Probably tension.


I spent more time in the ER then a con waiting for a 12 year old

I hope ya get the hell out quick and all is less then ya thot


Specialist says she can have a walking boot, with crutches, no problem to fly next week.


Was Princess Stephanie asking about me, by chance?


Extra big broom?


Does this ruin some of your plans on touring? Or have you done the touring already?




Had plans to see Monaco over the weekend, but not like this. Probably need to chill until we fly.


Yer insurance pays in a foreign place??

thanks trump


I think you get a special policy to cover you while there, if you’re the kind of person to worry about those things.


We are, we did, and it will.


I sprained my ankle once, the pain was intense.


Did you tell them the USA has the best health care in the Whole Whirl? And the cheapest