Another great end to day


Those damn French sidewalks.


I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful,
and your return trip is restful.

Most of all I hope Mrs Wabbit gets back
on her feet with no issues.


Her mouth was a bit busy at the time :laughing:


Got the bill from the ER in Monaco, it’s ridiculous. Adding up radiology, a blood test (platelets), the doctor, the specialist, the nurse, the pain shot, the blood thinner shot, the bad news is…

A hundred and sixty seven euros. Roughly $190. Radiology alone was 99 euros ($112).

What? In the US it would have been a couple of thousand. Fucking socialism!


Yes but your wife did not receive 'THE BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD" ™



Let me guess, you searched “socialism” at CBT and didn’t even bother to see if your meme was relevant.


No, I just thought that it is fascinating how virtually every one of her positions mimics the Democrat platform.


So why this thread?


Wait, you’re telling me that a Democratic Party Politician espouses Democratic Party talking points? WTF? That’s communnisms!


It’s a complex issue, one patient’s example proves nothing.

Glad for your wife, though.


Earth shattering

I can beat it thou

I heard of a guy that loves pizza was caught eating pizza