Another great end to day


Those damn French sidewalks.


I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful,
and your return trip is restful.

Most of all I hope Mrs Wabbit gets back
on her feet with no issues.


Her mouth was a bit busy at the time :laughing:


Got the bill from the ER in Monaco, it’s ridiculous. Adding up radiology, a blood test (platelets), the doctor, the specialist, the nurse, the pain shot, the blood thinner shot, the bad news is…

A hundred and sixty seven euros. Roughly $190. Radiology alone was 99 euros ($112).

What? In the US it would have been a couple of thousand. Fucking socialism!


Yes but your wife did not receive 'THE BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD" ™



Let me guess, you searched “socialism” at CBT and didn’t even bother to see if your meme was relevant.


No, I just thought that it is fascinating how virtually every one of her positions mimics the Democrat platform.


So why this thread?


Wait, you’re telling me that a Democratic Party Politician espouses Democratic Party talking points? WTF? That’s communnisms!


It’s a complex issue, one patient’s example proves nothing.

Glad for your wife, though.


Earth shattering

I can beat it thou

I heard of a guy that loves pizza was caught eating pizza




MrsWabbit drove for the first time today, this is a significant break for both our independence


I guess if even the aye rabs are doing that these days, it must be ok.


Good for her!


So her birthday came up today Feb 1st in 1965 in my newspaper’s “born on this day” blurb. This means she’s one day older than I am.


You just had a birthday! Belated Happy birthday to you!


No, she’s OLDER than I am. Mine’s tomorrow; I am a groundhog.


Wouldn’t that be “gwoundhog”?