Any Lucid Dreamers Here?


Can I confess something? I tell you this as an artist, I think you’ll understand. Sometimes when I’m driving… on the road at night… I see two headlights coming toward me. Fast. I have this sudden impulse to turn the wheel quickly, head-on into the oncoming car. I can anticipate the explosion. The sound of shattering glass. The… flames rising out of the flowing gasoline.


Tha’s an artistic vision.

Maybe refrain from driving on the road at night…


Crash. JG Ballard.



Annie’s brother, Duane Hall


Based on the video, I have no desire to even glance at that book. Just sayin’.


Okay, Lotus. Be left behind.

Back in the 70s/80’s there was an interesting catalogue called Tools for Exploration. One of the devices was a small light which was designed to be worn in a position near one eye, which when the sleeper entered REM sleep, would flash and alert the dreamer that he/she was dreaming. This research had been around for a long time. Maybe you can find some historical information to you specifications.



I did a little research into lucid dreaming back when I was tripping, what I think happens when we sleep is that we’re under the influence of the psychedelic drug DMT which our bodies naturally produce. So the goal is to get the DMT to kick in while retaining consciousness.


Yeah ^^^


My dreams became more lucid and more controllable when I started taking more Vitamin D.


I’m sure if I remembered myy dreams they would probably be the most lucid dreams ever, I have high level lucidity, believe, no one is more lucid than me.


Oh yeah, then there was that weekend at the College, when I slipped Hermione some Windowpane,


…because after all, is it not a first step in controlling your reality? Learning to have the belief that you can. The beginning apprenticeship of the future Magi.


*Mage or Magus. Magi is plural. YW


It can be writ as plural. “the” lolz

The Magus - A very good movie. Never read the book.

Don’t know why the reviewers didn’t care for it.




Dreams can come true!