Back in the Good Ole Days





My Father used to do iron work

he could care less about standing on something 4 inches wide high enuf to curl yer hair

He used to ask me what difference it was if you were standing on a rail on 4 inches off the ground or 100 feet up

none to him - a lot to me


The 61 Chevy was under-appreciated at the time.


Michael Jackson with vodka and (allegedly) a couple of midget hookers



Are those real? (Of Jack)


No, the pics were staged using body doubles.


At first I was all WTF? then I was no really WTF?

per Snopes.

If it were real, that is. This picture is the work of artist Alison Jackson, whose métier is creating images of famous figures from the worlds of entertainment and politics, apparently caught in revealing private moments, by posing look-alikes in place of the celebrities:

Alison Jackson has photographed the Queen of England on the toilet, George Bush and Tony Blair chatting in the sauna, Paris Hilton bribing her fellow inmates and Monica Lewinsky lighting Bill Clinton’s cigar. Or has she? The likenesses are uncanny, but of course, her subjects are look-alikes.

Her photos demonstrate that while seeing is believing, the truth is another story entirely. In her work, Jackson says, “Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable. The viewer is suspended in disbelief. I try to highlight the psychological relationship between what we see and what we imagine. This is bound up in our need to look — our voyeurism — and our need to believe.” Indeed, by showing “celebrities” ostensibly caught unawares, Jackson’s pictures show us what we imagine might go on behind closed doors. Her work has caused controversy, not least because it treads in a very gray area between parody and realism by seeming to break down the carefully fortified private lives of public figures.


Jackson would have still been in training panties when MM died, and trying out her first tricycle when JFK died.


18-foot gentleman’s racer by Minetti-Shields (Canadian builders) 1933


Front holes

Southwest Airlines flight attendants, ca. 1970






High school pals in Seattle, about 1961


She is still kickin


Yer 2 High school gf’s are they sisters?


Nope, although they composed the pic to make it look like they were. They also dressed alike and had similar hair styles. But the one on the left (whom I knew) was nearly six feet tall and the other one no more than 5’8".