Bad Ocean - drill baby drill



So sick of marauding capitalists I could puke.


Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they found oil just off the coast from Mar A Lago? (And The Clinton’s owned the leases, or Obama)


are you sick of gas, oil, plastics, medicines, your car, your clothing, and pretty much everyting else?



They got it coming out their fucking ears with existing leases - Dakota and on and on -


Don’t give me your BS CON logic. All of those things (or greener alternatives) can be produced without ripping off workers or assaulting the environment on the level we have done so for 100 years now. None of it had to be done the way the greedy toxic capitalists did it.


UM, not gonna happen.

You’ll never guess what other place is off limits. No, really.




They’re shaking their empty little heads in anger – but are they (CONs or Dems) doing anything about this unbelievable bs?


I do not think that word means what you think it means.


blahblahblahbla… start a company that gives werkers that utopia. no excuses.


oh boy, a burning tanker.


That’s 136 THOUSAND tons of crude.

Wat a mess.

Nebraska, you’re on deck.