BD Six - The New Asteroid


I like this big bald head guy. He likes his fancy shirts.


The remedy:



I hope we find a new planet to pollute soon.


The cascade effect

they been worried about that fer years

once it starts everything goes


Sounds like we’re gawners. Even the aliens won’t be able to get through.


LMAO - like this guy invented this idea

It’s like saying yer the first to say water is wet

trust me - he was not first by a long shot

he shud get back in his tent


…but it’s called the Kessler Effect. It’s named after him.


Will this interfere with Elon Musk’s ego trip?


Nothing stops Elon

You don’t like Elon either?

The greatest mind Since Tesla


Yer not lissening again - I am gona come tase ya