BD6 is a racist pile


I thought I told you not to talk to me until you read the thread.



Tell you what. You dismissed BD6’s explanation of his usage. Why not tell us what you disagreed with on it.



Now, don’t talk to me until you fucking reread this thread.


So you won’t address his context, you simply assert that there is no context. That is not an argument. It’s simply a refusal to address his points. And it’s weak, and you’re weak if you can do no better.


Have you read through this thread?


I’m waiting for you to address the context given in response to YOUR accusation.

Something other than whistling past it and saying there isn’t any.


Not so much, why what’s going on in here?


What’s up, how’s it going?


I wish this would end. It’s stupid.


I, too, wish Racist6 would stop saying “nigger”, but here we are.


I wish you’d not ever stood up for the murder of innocent women and children, but here we are. You did, can’t erase it.

And we all moved on.


And here I am with a changed opinion.

But, I’ve called Racist6 out multiple times and he giggles about it and keeps at it.


What's the diff between Fake and Virtual?

It seems you need to be reminded that though we all mostly get along well here, it still is acceptable to troll.


I love to troll, but one of the few things that legitimately piss me off is racism. :man_shrugging:


Then you need to think about your alliance with conservatives. This country is being turned upside down and inside out by racists.

White nationalists, Neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists…interestingly they’ve been a big thing again since when? Yeah, since Trump was elected.

If you want to be taken seriously, you really ought to rethink your entire perspective on what it means to be a conservative in 2019.

It’s not pretty.


I haven’t considered myself a conservative since 2013.


Imma lock this thread down at 125 posts. Yer all welcome to start it up in some form on the main board.