Beautiful Earth thread





Watkins Glen State Park, NY







California Spring



Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica






I been to the Watkins Glen one - camping


It’s all neautiful and inspires awe.


Watkins glen got destroyed by a flood coming down that gorge in 1935

It was devastating


Nature is so amazing and beautiful out here sometimes it just makes me cry, not tears of sadness, just overcome by emotion by the beauty and magnificence of it all… happened the other day at the beach and a few weeks ago coming back from Eureka.


Go up to Montana and Wyoming - you will cry yer eyes out - Or the fucking garden of eden UTAH


I’ve been to Wyoming, Montana and Utah… had a girlfriend whose family lives near Sandpoint… Cour De Alene area (sure I spelled it wrong). It’s beautiful up there too except they’re red states have harsh laws for so much as having a seed of weed which kind of takes away from the fun and beauty of it.


One of these days, I want to get out on Flathead Lake in a kayak or canoe or sumpin


I camped on Flathead - great evenings it was


What a pleasant thread folks. Add your own pics, inspiration or stories.


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Lauterbrunnen Meadow, Switzerland (refer to the Hey Wabbit Where Is This thread)… the big 3 mountains would be over your head on the right, this view is from the bottom of a waterfall that is mostly inside the cliff but comes out here


Same valley, another vantage point


Far end of Lauterbrunnen from the same spot


One more… this is the JungFrau from the other side, Lauterbrunnen is beyond it from this hike