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Halstatt, Austria


Dordogne River from two opposing views (Domme toward Beynac, and Beynac toward Domme), central France

Click on the upper one to embiggen and be awed. Our B&B was near that darker cliff way in the background

The castle at the top of the far hill on the right in the first pic, and at the top of the far hill dead center in the second pic, is Castelnaud, where they have a fantastic array of trebuchets


Frank Delargy Photography

Broken Top Mountain reflected in Sparks Lake, Oregon.
240 second exposure. Loved what the long exposure and some wind-driven waves did to the reflection. Late September 2016. — at Sparks Lake.


LeHigh Valley, PA

Is this near where you are Duke?


Havasupai Falls, Arizona


Istanbul, Turkey



Gorgeous sunset and the rolling hills, valleys and and spurs in Yakima ft Rock Painting Device.


Alsea Bay


Mt Thielsen, Due N. of Crater Lake


Mt Thielsen, Due N of Crater Lake but in COLOR!



Blue bonnets and Milkyway

Terlingua, Texas


The Cycle of the Moon.




200 year old wisteria in Japan


I just left a 25 or 30 year old Wisteria behind, it was just a “Shrubbery”