Beautiful Earth thread


It is, and it is.


Crater Lake, From The Department Of Shiny Stones.




Neighbors found a living breathing Sand Dollar, I’ve seen gazillions of them, many with “feet” intact, but not a live one.


Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro


100 Year old Rhody, and the young lady who planted it.


Exif avail for 2 Bitcoin.

I apologize, this pic was posted as though it was an Oregon Lake, but the more I looked at it just just didn’t look quite “right” several reverse image searches found a few copies of this pic, but none of them with any location info. so anyway, still a pretty pic. oh eya pt dose…how is that deer walking on yer water, unless it’s a rain deer, and I don’t see no rain!


Still a beautiful pic of earth, yoinked fer my screen saver


Besides, the look of the clouds, background mtns mid range whatever, and the colors, just seeming a bit “off” that Deer began to look more and moar like a very tasteful Origami Deer. Too linear, or angular, than r/l


Hmmm, or one of those Disneyesque montage figures that are basically tangrams. I see what you are driving at




Mrs Merganser and her Octoducklings.


Did their iceberg melt or something?:grin:

Nice shot.


14-year-old ballerinas pose in front of the Robert E. Lee monument ordered to be removed in Virginia.


My first reaction was borderline negative. I saw the ugliness of anguish, then I sat and stopped thinking and just starting seeing. I then found the beauty. It’s poignant actually.

Thanks for posting!


Me too, but the bright colors, those two beautiful young girls doing of all things a Ballet move, and the flashing of the classic black power salute on a Confederate Monument…then it really hit me, made me think of that Don Henley song ‘All she wants to do is dance’ (to me that’s a song about wanting to be free from your current hell)

Repost the shit out of it, I think it’s a powerful image. Fuck you Robert E. Lee you’re not my friend.


I’ve read a bit about Lee. I rather doubt he would approve of anything that’s been done in the South in the 150 years since his death, and if he were resurrected today I like to imagine he might likely vandalize some statuary his ownself.





I thought the puppers looked angry, until i saw that mom’s eyebrows literally were on FIRE