Beautiful Earth thread



Clouded Leopard



The Astor Column


The Natural Bridge


^^^ This just now came up on my rotating desktop changer, from my Bryce trip a few years ago. The bushes are even the same size! It’s a sign!

Of what I dunno lol


You probably have the same selfie my cuz took just before or after, however your selfie wouldn’t be of my cuz and his spousal unit.


Well the angle is a bit different on mine



Not too different, looks like you may have been closer. Maybe


Here’s one from the Queen’s Garden trail, it was late afternoon and the sunset was hitting the whiter tops of the hoodoos just right and making them appear to be glowing, it was actually quite breathtaking. Go big or GFY.



Moonlight 10 second exposure. Mrs. Cousin said they could kinda see the Milky Way with bare eyes.



That is REAL nice.

Here’s a day shot:



Those cliffs remind me of where ever the heck it is, those cliffside villages people lived in.


Hoodoo, hoodoo you think yer foolin’?


something like this, reminds me of the Bryce Hoodoos.



Mesa Verde, is what I’m thinking. There was a fire there in the early 2000’s, some cliff dwellings were lost and some previously undiscovered ones were revealed.



That tiny figure under Delicate Arch is mrsWabbit, taken by her big sis. She pretty much had to force herself to crawl back otherwise she woulda been stuck there unable to move from teh fraids. It’s steeper than it looks, especially if you already have trouble with tallness.