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Lotus: The reason that I ask this is that I once saw an episode of Sex and the City and the female character had to convert to Judaism in order to be able to marry her Jewish boyfriend. Would it be necessary to convert if you were already 25%?:slightly_smiling_face:


Speaking of JJ Laguardia - as he used to like to say:

Now that…was funny. :laughing:


Your mother has to be Jewish. My paternal grandfather was Jewish.

You can convert, but Judaism does not encourage conversion.



Really? I seem to recall that fifty years ago it was done a lot. I wonder if something in Torah has changed.


No, dear. Nothing has changed. You can convert, but Judaism is traditionally classified as a non-proselytizing religion. Like I said, one can convert, but it’s not in any way encouraged.

Whether or not one can successfully convert probably depends on one’s particular rabbi. I’m pretty sure it would have to be a Reform rabbi.


I’m afraid in my case it would have to be a Messianic rabbi.


Well, they do have Jews for Jesus – but I don’t think that’s considered Judaism. It’s Jews who’ve converted to Christianity.