Big Pharma Donation To The Met Prompts Protesters To Throw Pill Bottles, Hold Die-In


Because this is a malignantly capitalistic country, not a democracy.

Look at my link above. Big Pharma is doing this shit in Canada, too. Don’t believe the MSM’s reportage. Find a smart comedian and listen to him/her – you’ll get more truth that way.


I get that.


I know. :frowning:


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That’s where the crack down needs to happen - on the doctors.


It needs to happen on both ends. I am sorry, but Big Pharma is at the root, and the doctors are weak, greedy cooperators.


Remember when tobacco companies were claiming that cigarettes were harmless? Were the grocery stores who sold cigarettes guiltier than the tobacco companies in this con job? COME ON!

Remember when Big Pharma claimed opioids were non-addictive?


I see Pharma as being like any other product based Corp. Like the rest of them, they are there to sell their product and as much of it as they can. I don’t expect them to be ethical anymore than I would a tobacco company or alcohol maker. They exist to push their products. As Emerson said, “All things turtle are turtle.”

Doctors on the other hand should be working only in the best interest of their patients. Education systems should be focused on teaching doctors to make decisions on what is best for patients.


What’s the FDAs role in all of this?


There have been massive lawsuits against the tobacco industry – and they have lost and had to pay. None of the cigarette advertisers or stores that sold them had to pay, as far as I know.

I’m sorry, but even in the USA corporations don’t have carte blanche to commit evil.


Nor do I think they should be able to “commit evil” but Pharma plays a positive role in health and wellness too which cannot be said of tobacco and alcohol.

We cannot under any circumstances let corps have free reign. We know what they’re about and like Billdo said it’s $$$. I expect nothing less from them either.

I do expect more from my doctor. I expect her to operate in my best medical interests at all times. I have established a relationship with her where trust has been built. If she prescribes medications that fuck me up, it’s on her as my doctor.

You want to control Pharma? Get your doctors in line.


Why not get them both in line?


I agree they both should be regulated but doctors need to be held accountable moreso because they are charged with patient care.



Yeah and these piece of shit doctors take the bribes, prescribe medications that aren’t appropriate for their patients, and get them addicted to these drugs.

It’s disgusting!


I can see how the doctors get so jaded though dealing with a populace that won’t even start to take care of themselves. Throw some pills at em so they can go have another big mac and get them out of there… next…


That’s what people want though. Why exercise when you can take a pill for your blood pressure? They stop eating greasy shit food when you can take an antacid? Why stop eating sugar when you can take some insulin? Doctors can only do so much when patients don’t want to put in the effort.

Again, I expect drug companies to pimp their products. It’s what companies with something to sell do. What I also expect is doctors to work in the best interests of their patients. It’s what they are supposed to be doing which is why I put more blame on them.


I expect from doctors what you expect from them. But I do not expect pharma to spend millions researching and devloping drugs that they KNOW will do harm, and then go out and pimp them. If pimps go to prison, why not these criminals?

Yes, capitalists want to make money. But they shouldn’t be allowed to kill people in the process.