Black start Venezuela power outage - interesting read this - so put yer comics down



Dis guy looks like a douche to me - what say you?


I’d say it seems he buys his suits off the rack.


Dats tailor mades - I see clothes is not yer strong suit <---- strong suit - get it - :rofl::rofl:

like that Egypt guy had with his name in the pinstripes

25 fucking K per suit

He has that fucking rubio look -

I will add him to the list


No pullin the wool over yer eyes.


I shud grab you by the collar and belt you


Just don’t get caught, with your pants down.


inseams you two are not getting along


Six just needs to vent, when it suits him.




Stop hemming and hawing


Yes, he does.

But check out Maduro. You don’t have to agree with the propoganda, but really?! Eating when you’re on freakin’ tv?

My son cracks the fuck up whenever he thinks about it.



Mmm empanada’s!


Six calls bullshit


What’s bullshit?


That cud have been two years ago