Bloomberg/Gabbard ticket?


I think I could get behind that ticket.


I don’t think I could ever get behind Bloomberg

Such an obviously corrupt person who is literally looking the other way from the poors.

Also didn’t he come in last place or some shit in the Iowa caucus?

Edit: reading through this reaffirmed that I don’t want Bloomberg as my President.




The last head of Cabbage at the Farmers Market 2020, over Trump.


Heard a Bloomberg as this morning

“I lived the American Dream, but if I was black I wouldn’t have been able to”



I’m not so sure about MIkey, but I think we have already hit bottom in the Presidency category, methinks anything will be an improvement.

One thing I do like, is that Mike actually is everything they sold us on Trump, successful big business, rich, not leveraged to the Arabs and Roosians, but for realz this time.


I just read that it could be Hillary.


As a last ditch effort to pull together some delegates, he’s already 24 delegates behind.

Voting for Bloomberg is a waste of a vote.
It’s Buttegieg v Sanders now


Bloomberg and Biden, the DemoTrumps… how about all these ancient white fucks in both parties just go die instead of trying to fuck up the country even more than they already have…


Classy guy




As Louie The Leg Breaker would say, “Thank Dawg for Donald Trump.”