Boiled egg trick


Check this out Duke


Cool, but that is only when they just got done cooking and are still hot

If you steam them they will peel easy even a week later

not so if you boil them

I only steam them to make hard boiled now


Agreed about the still-hot. You’re supposed to cool them down if you’re not eating them right away.

I find if you boil them with a lot of salt they also peel easier


I steam them now too. It’s a good method for sure.


Yeah, that - I use ice and cold water


Okay folks, I gotta admit I’m feeling like we’re a coop full of hens at the moment.



Yeah, but we’re EATING OUR CHILDREN!




Here is another egg cooking trick that I invented myself. It’s the perfect way to cook eggs sunny side up.

  1. preheat oven broiler and select a pan that is oven safe. Warm some butter in pan.

  2. Carefully open 7 eggs and place in pan. Using a trick that Wabbit told us about, remove 5 of the egg yokes by inverting an 8 once water bottle and using sucking method Wabbit demonstrated.

  3. Cook eggs on stove top for a minute or two and then kiss cook the top by placing under the broiler for a few seconds. Eye ball it.

  4. The finished product will be delicious, most of the butter will remain in the pan and the yokes will remain ‘little cooked.’

  5. Low fat, high protein. Freeze the leftover yokes. the birds love them.

  6. You can thank me later.


So I cooked a dozen with a bunch of salt and back in the fridge they went.

When I wanted to eat one, I got it wet, rolled it around on the counter to break up the shells, rolled it lightly between my hands for a couple of seconds (like making a play-doh snake), and did the thing in the article and it worked. The salt loosens the membrane from the egg and it practically squirted out of the shell.


Ya gotta steam em then they peel easy without all the above bullshit and waste of salt

and that other thing is way too much overhead

mother fuckers what sell salt made that up


Again as discussed the steam trick only works if you’re opening all the eggs while hot. Who was it that pointed that out?

Oh yeah, it was you.


I do not recall saying that - they peel easy after more then a week - but not if boiled


You are correct, I misread it


You are the eggman.