Bolton the scumbag war monger FIRED FIRED FIRED



Trump hires the best people, so he can fire them later.




What did TRUMP think he was getting with Bolton in the first place?


He probably thought he was getting someone that could sing him sweet lullabies.


I hate Bolton and Trump. I wish they.both were gone.


Hard to feel sorry for Bolton, he’s such a hammer carrying shmuk.

OTOH, gettting fired by tRump is something I’d gladly put on my resume.


Except for the prerequisite for that firing…


If he wants another asshole

I suggest



That would help him secure the AA vote fer sure.


What about Ivanka - she is not doing anything


This fella sed bolton leaving was very bad cause he was the only one what had the balls to stand up to cheeto.

He will jus be replaced by a yes man which is not good


That is prolly true. Seems like anyone he hires that has one shred of professionalism, either “quits” or gets fired.


He didn’t get fired, he resigned.


I also take exception to the “shred of professionalism” characterization. As much as Trump said he hated the Iraq war he put one of its prime cheerleaders as NSA. I suspect Bolton was kissing his ass up to the appointment and obviously he was done doing that.


I would think he resigned


According to Bolton, he asked if Trump wanted him to resign and Trump equivocated and said we’d talk the next day. The next day Bolton submitted his letter.

According to Trump, he fired him.

Who do you believe? I don’t care one way or the other, but what I know of Trump I have to believe Bolton’s account.




Trump said the same thing about Mattis.

I’m gonna have to say Bolton and Mattis both resigned.