Bush Sr dead - I have no comment




We need Wick to azzrape the corpse. I don’t think any of our regulars has the stomach for it.


The last decent Republican president.



I woulda said Ike was, but ok, for today.


He gave Saddam a pass to invade Kuwait and then fucked him

Jus another war mongering piece of shit - good fucking riddance

I only gave him half a pass because of his war record - nothing else




I guess you just had to be paying FUCKING ATTENTION AT THE TIME

Do your own homework or keep track of history as it occurs


Google search, slant drilling kuwait


Don’t fucking help him

Bush saved the sand niggers from certain annihilation which fucks us now


The upside is one more National State Funeral involving most of DC, that will not be including Orange Babby




As head of the CIA he was behind a lof of heinous shit.






He was totally involved in the central American dirty wars and I think his family might have even owned one of the big fruit companies that benefited from them. Check out the book… “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman”.


And boro wants to worship his dead ass - humanity would be far better off if he was never born


It’s a great book I used to have a copy at one time… it’s almost on par with War Is A Racket just in terms of how shit really operates.


Not to mention he was a drug lord bigger than Pablo Escobar or El Chapo.


Probably in on the JFK assassination.