Can't even tie shoes - wot have we come to?



Well, young adults cannot read cursive or analog clocks, so…



can’t read clocks?

I has an old one like this



Their lives are digital. Many of them were never taught to tell time on an analog clock. It’s incredible.


I don’t remember being taught to read a clock

I mean how hard is it?



You were probably taught in kindergarten. These young people now think that the answer to the meaning of life is simply a google search away, so they will not do ANYTHING for themselves unless they are forced to. Telling time on an analog clock is toooooo haaaaard.


I had a kid in class who was watching videos on his phone during class on Wednesday. I told him to put his phone away. He did, but then took it out a second time. I was a little pissed when I told him to put it away the second time.

He took it out again and put earphones in his damn ears when I started to lecture on MLA format, something he clearly needed to work on.

I lost it the third time. I stopped lecturing and stared at him. The whole class started staring at him. He was staring at his phone and did not even fucking notice the total silence and the thirty sets of eyes. Finally, one of the students said “DUDE!”

When he took his ear buds out, I fucking lit into him. He didn’t show up today (It’s a MWF class).

I’m sure that kid can’t read an analog clock.


They had this clock on the square in Allentown - it was lights in circles and no one could understand it so they took it out

I thot it was the coolest thing ever

I cannot find the article as it was 40 years ago

It was easy to read if you even had half a brain but unlike no other - it was a piece of art


I’d like to see it if you ever find it.


The B&W does not do it justice - it was very colorful

Best I could find - clock pic under paragraph - they had pay 2100 bucks to fix it and were pissed

Hello. Trying to find “historic” pic of the digital “circle/dot” clock from the center square in Allentown - this was late60s/70s and then it was removed at some point because it was said that it was too confusing for most people to figure out what time it was. My sister and I loved it and I wanted to show pic to my daughter, but cannot seem to find one.


The black & white does not do it justice

it was very colorful

fucking morans could not read it

I was pissed when they took it


There was helpless folks then too L_B and this b4 the net


I know what time it is…


I realize this, but you have no idea how helpless the internets have made these kids. I see the difference. It’s depressing.


Hampstead House in Greenwich (the one across the pond) has the most incredible clocks I’ve ever seen anywhere.




Before you know it there will be like 2 people in the world that know how to build an analog clock lmfao


Where I work at, we’ve had at lest a few kids who couldn’t read the analog clocks on the wall. But then they don’t even understand what it means when we say something has to be measured half-hourly.

When I worked at a gas station, a young gal came in and asked what time it was, I pointed to the clock (analog) and she got the most confused look on her face. She couldn’t figure it out.

Sad shit.


Yeah and I’m sure people cried when they stopped teaching how to use a typewriter or write calligraphy or learned whatever other antiquated things that have gone by the wayside.

These kids may not be able to read a clock but they can program a digital one. Where we had to actually learn and remember stuff, they have the textbook on hand 24/7.

Times change. We all need to accept that.


If their phones go tits up, they’re fucked. They’ve never learned to THINK beyond punching in a search. They never bother to RETAIN so they’re clueless without their auxiliary brains.

When the shit hits the fan, they’re f’ed.


Time don’t matter if you haven’t appointments to keep
…but if you do…