Can't even tie shoes - wot have we come to?


Thank you! I’ll check that out as I have techie kids coming up and I want to avoid this crapola as much as possible.


This is what I find amazing. If I have a charge for $14.26 and I give the cashier $20.01 the cashier looks dumbfounded, unless the machine does the calculation.


Totally. I have had to explain this to the cashier more times than I can count.

If the machine doesn’t do it for them, they’re lost.


Here’s an experiment you can try for yourself.

If you try the Change Game with Asian clerks they won’t miss a beat.

Sounds racist, but its a meditation on cultural values that have not yet been Muricanized into slack jawed stupidity.

You heard it here first, maybe.


I find south Asians (Indians, Chinese, etc) really focus on math skills that we don’t. I have watched young kids be able to do complex math calculations in their heads and I wonder why the hell we aren’t teaching that to our kids.


You have not fucked with them until you give them 3.58 in change for a 2.29 order

they look like fucking ET landed in front of them

all ya gotta do is take out 2.29


Who pays with cash anymore anyway? Ewwwww


I always pay with cash at the gas pump. I have been ripped off by gas station cashiers jacking up the cost of my gas, and gas stations are also popular places for thieves to put those things that read your card.


We pay at the pump.