CindysBeenTrippin Vs. Bastard Factory


The spontaneous rally will begin at 1:45.

Who here is from the Bastard Factory message board today? Check out the CBT thread game plan…


What’s IG?


IG is instagram.

I see beastiality is allowed here. it wasnt normal at all my ex bf did it all the time and i mean i caught him in the act on a number of occasions and he still denies it till this day it makes me feel sick that he could even do this to me and now i feel stuck wiv him coz i had his kid two years ago. he makes me feel sick!!!



I guess I miss out on everything. Who let Rancid back in?


With a sexy side grin she’s pulls back her hair and bands it, stands and yells out YOLO!!!


I post there a lot. A well run forum. Clear rules, most anything goes, and BF is a cool guy. Looks like Stubby is a big loser there as well.