Colin Kapernick gets a team award, Joe Theismann throws a hizzy



For BD6


Why would they give an award to a QB who utterly sucked on the field?


Here’s Theismann’s award. Tell him to scarf it down and go shit it out in private.


2-14, and NFL ratings at record lows besides.


Well, he’s always been a piss poor quarterback. At least let him have an award for something else.


Fuck theismann - scumbag - and thanks R


Joe had the bad luck to get blindsided by Lawrence Taylor, and his career ended on a play that lasted less than five seconds.


Why didn’t Kapernick’s team mates give Donald Trump the Team Award, do they really hate America that much?


So, maybe they should give some of whining medal to that black female soldier too.


And no one got all Patrioticker than thou over it either.