Colin Kapernick gets a team award, Joe Theismann throws a hizzy


Well, he’s always been a piss poor quarterback. At least let him have an award for something else.


Fuck theismann - scumbag - and thanks R


Joe had the bad luck to get blindsided by Lawrence Taylor, and his career ended on a play that lasted less than five seconds.


Why didn’t Kapernick’s team mates give Donald Trump the Team Award, do they really hate America that much?


So, maybe they should give some of whining medal to that black female soldier too.


And no one got all Patrioticker than thou over it either.





Nike is famous for employing young children so that it’s upper income corporate types can make even more money.

Yeah, they are so noble.:face_vomiting:


CONS are burning their Nike stuff (that they were originally OK buying even tho it’s made by young children, so it must not be about that so much)


I love CONS burning and busting up their shit. It tickles me to death.

Flipping morons!


I just got new sneakers at the Walmart - 9 bucks - they are great fer nine bucks


Even $9 shoes I wouldn’t burn. How does that hurt the company? They already made their money off of you.

Dumb as shit.


I was surprised even my cousin the surprisingly moderate for a born again retired cop, posted about his long history with Nike going back to the early Blue Bird Sports days as a long distance runner even posted on FB that he was done with Nike products because of Colin, his lovely Daughter the Engineer gently rebuked him.

Cuz’s post (He started running Cross Country in Jr High)
I bought several pairs of shoes from Blue Ribbon Sports in the late 60s, as did many of my teammates. Blue Ribbon Sports changed its name to Nike in 1971. I bought my first pair of Nikes with a swoosh in January, 1972.

I bought innumerable Nike products over the years, proud of our Oregon based company.

I will never spend another dime on the swoosh.

Good move Nike! Good move

And his Daughter’s response

That’s sad, dad. The only thing they did was continue a sponsorship of an athlete who wants people to open their eyes to issues of social justice. What’s wrong with that?


Good on your cousin’s daughter.


What are our cousins kids to us, relation wise, are they 2nd cousins?

partly what surprised me about his post is he almost never posts anything political on FB, and like he said he’s been a proud and big consumer of their products since he was a kid,
But he probably watches Fox etc


I’ve never got that figured out. I’m not sure if it’s second cousin, which is what I use, or a first cousin once removed.

Anyone else know?



I’m sure there is more than that that has been proscribed to them, Keurig comes to mind, althoI don’t remember what they did to incur the wrath.