CONTENTS: One (1) Generic Sex Humor Thread


Three friends bragged about who has more sex…

Friend A said “You all have nothing on me. I go to the bar and bring home a woman every night. Not only that but I drive a corvette into work everyday and have a 8 inch penis. I have slept with more than 1,000 women”

Friend B said “Oh yeah? Well I’m the top gynecologist doctor at the most highly rated hospitals in the world. I make $800,000 a year, have patients and nurses who have sex with me every hour I’m at work. All the women compliment me on my 12 inch penis. I have slept with well over 5,000 women.”

Friend C said, “I have you all beat. I fucked over all the CBTers who were expecting a punchline to this joke.”


A transgender person cut me in line at the supermarket.

“You’re LGBT, right?” I asked.
“You forgot about the ‘Q’,” they replied bluntly.
“No,” I said, “you did.”




My girlfriend is mad because I could only last 2 minutes in bed

In my defense it was doggy style so it’s more like 14 minutes.


Smoking a cigarette is similar to eating pussy.

The taste gets stronger when you get closer to the butt.



What do you call a gay person cooking in the back yard?



Lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato, and queso: the ultimate sandwich for that bastard holding up the line at subway because he can’t decide what he wants.


That actually would sound pretty good if it weren’t at a subway.