Cops lynch another one, in Baton Rouge


RIP, Alton Sterling.

Same old story…

  1. Cops tase you, tackle you to the ground, and sit or lie on you
  2. Cops shoot you multiple times until you die
  3. Cops go on paid vacation
  4. No accountability
  5. Same story next year, in a new town

…except the DOJ is saying they wanna see the bystander video. Maybe the story will turn out different, but I kinda doubt it.


Hmm, was Alton wearing a Hoodie? I understand that only the most violent offenders wear those.


It also may hinge on what type of refreshing canned beverage and/or sugary repast was in his possession…


Yes good point, and also whether he had injected any Marijuanas recently.


Here is a case of driving while nigger - cops got caught in lies on fucking video

police chiefs son




Shot him as he was reaching for his wallet after he had been ordered to produce his license.

If this cop doesn’t fry, it’ll be open season on every LEO in the country.




So I was on the yahoo page for this story and in the right hand corner, something I’d never seen on yahoo before, a little video box pops up and starts showing news stories of cops getting shot, and a cop getting dragged by a car at a traffic stop etc. WTF?

Philando Castile

Is there like a national cop union paying for that shit or what?


Is this the cop that shot dude in Louisiana?


Really they hired that loose cannon idiot to be a cop? When they could have ran a search on his name and found that shit…


Is this the same Rob J. Kinnison? “Raging Rob”

Looks like someone made copies of his videos to troll him…


Looks like this is his channel… where the fuck is the media at… what happened to journalism… what a POS…


Alright, I guess this guy might not be the cop, he’s just a dumbfuck racist Trump supporter… getting trolled hard… congrats whoever trolled this guy… lol


Yeah I think he got trolled over a prior police shooting also.


Do you think cops are trigger happy because y’all carry guns? Like if that young man didn’t have a gun on him, would he still have been shot?

I’m not victim blaming. The cop in this case was BEYOND in the wrong and I hope he fries for this. I just wonder if a result of carrying concealed weapons results in nervous, trigger happy cops.


No - They’ll shoot the unarmed black guy just as fast, even if they are with back turned in retreat. Fucking cowards.