Cops lynch another one, in Baton Rouge


Actually, the cop has been trained on how to deal with armed citizens. But probably in the training, the armed citizens were all white.

Now that black men are starting to join the NRA and get concealed carry licenses we will see MORE of them get shot by cops. In this case, the cop had a brain freeze because he couldn’t compute “black man” and “licensed to carry” both at once.


The mother fucker in the vids should be heavily sedated in a secure (very secure - like BLACK DOLPHIN ) mental facility, OR
Maybe just Black Dolphin

That mother fucker got guns - holy fucking smokes


Not baton Rouge, the other one, dispatch recording confirms the decedent was pulled over for being black.




I got this - It’s close:

I got this too:

and this:






But he was probably no angel, as evidenced by the amount of melanin in his skin.





Let’s try to remember that not all cops are inept or psychotic. They’re just guys willing to do a job most of us aren’t.



Are a lot of cops ex-military?


I think a pretty fair amount of them, but not all.


I wonder how that affects things. Hmmm…


What happened between Emmett Till and around 2010, a golden age of peace and happiness?


I suspect more cell phone videos leading to better documentation of what was going on all along.